Woman swimming

woman swimming emoji

Woman swimming emoji is officially supported by Unicode and was released in 2010.

Category: Smileys & people


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Emoji One's woman swimming emoji Apple's woman swimming emoji Twemoji's woman swimming emoji Facebook's woman swimming emoji Messenger does not support woman swimming emoji Google's woman swimming emoji

Skin tone variants

  • woman swimming: light skin tone emoji
  • woman swimming: medium-light skin tone emoji
  • woman swimming: medium skin tone emoji
  • woman swimming: medium-dark skin tone emoji
  • woman swimming: dark skin tone emoji



  • 1

    Propel the body through water by using the limbs, or (in the case of a fish or other aquatic animal) by using fins, tail, or other bodily movement.

  • 2

    Swim using the crawl.


  • 3

    The sport or activity of propelling oneself through water using the limbs.

  • 4

    A person or animal that swims.

  • 5

    An act or period of swimming.