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Emoji One's zipper-mouth face emoji Apple's zipper-mouth face emoji Twemoji's zipper-mouth face emoji Facebook's zipper-mouth face emoji Messenger does not support zipper-mouth face emoji Google's zipper-mouth face emoji
Emoji One's shushing face emoji Apple does not support shushing face emoji Twemoji's shushing face emoji Facebook's shushing face emoji Messenger does not support shushing face emoji Google's shushing face emoji
Emoji One's speak-no-evil monkey emoji Apple's speak-no-evil monkey emoji Twemoji's speak-no-evil monkey emoji Facebook's speak-no-evil monkey emoji Messenger's speak-no-evil monkey emoji Google's speak-no-evil monkey emoji
Emoji One's muted speaker emoji Apple's muted speaker emoji Twemoji's muted speaker emoji Facebook's muted speaker emoji Messenger's muted speaker emoji Google's muted speaker emoji


Mid 16th century: back-formation from obsolete husht ‘silent’ (taken to be a past participle), from an interjection husht ‘quiet!’.


  • hush /hʌʃ/