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Emoji One's persevering face emoji Apple's persevering face emoji Twemoji's persevering face emoji Facebook's persevering face emoji Messenger's persevering face emoji Google's persevering face emoji
Emoji One's slightly frowning face emoji Apple's slightly frowning face emoji Twemoji's slightly frowning face emoji Facebook's slightly frowning face emoji Messenger does not support slightly frowning face emoji Google's slightly frowning face emoji
Emoji One's man frowning emoji Apple's man frowning emoji Twemoji's man frowning emoji Facebook's man frowning emoji Messenger does not support man frowning emoji Google's man frowning emoji
Emoji One's woman frowning emoji Apple's woman frowning emoji Twemoji's woman frowning emoji Facebook's woman frowning emoji Messenger does not support woman frowning emoji Google's woman frowning emoji


Middle English: the noun via Anglo-Norman French from Old French desespeir; the verb from Old French desperer, from Latin desperare, from de- ‘down from’ + sperare ‘to hope’.


  • despair /dɪˈspɛː/