Contribute Unimoji

Languages are built upon communities and so is Unimoji. We are currently working hard to create better tools for the community to participate, for example adding and voting for translations and emoji designs. You don’t have to wait for us to be ready, you can already contact us and take part in the Unimoji development. With your contribution, we will get closer to our goal to have a fully functional emoji language.

There are multiple ways how you can participate in the Unimoji development. Some of the opportunities are listed below, but you can contact us if you have expertise in other areas as well.


Languages evolve through use and discussion. Emoji communication has just recently got started, but we're not able to express ourselves comprehensively with emojis yet. Unimoji community is here to form a global standard of emoji communication and everybody is welcomed to join the discussion.

In the end, it’s the consensus of the community which makes a language a language. Everyone’s opinion is important to reach the consensus inside the Unimoji community.


Words are the building blocks of any language. In Unimoji, those words are emojis. Understandably the present set of emojis is not enough for rich communication and for that reason, many new emojis are needed to be designed.

How should new emojis look like? How would you express certain complex and abstract ideas in emojis? Don’t hesitate to contact us and share your proposals. Who knows if your designs are displayed on all mobile devices all around the world in the future.


In our vision, Unimoji can be used as a helpful tool in communication across the language barriers. We want everybody to be able to use Unimoji with their native language, hence Unimoji welcomes translations from every language in the world.

If you want to participate in translating Unimoji into your language, we warmly welcome your contribution. Even our current translations can be further improved through your contribution so please let us know your opinion.


Languages are arguably one of the most complex human inventions ever made. Study and understanding of grammar, meanings, the origin of words and little nuances of languages need a high expertise and enthusiasm in the field.

Communication with emojis can be as rich and subtle as any other form of communication so linguistics expertise is necessary also in the Unimoji development. If you have such expertise, we invite you to take an active role in the Unimoji community.